Rental Rules & Guidelines

Tooney-Looney Rentals, LLC
& Backyard Events, LLC

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Rental Rules

All returned checks will be charged a $50.00 penalty fee.
  1. Have an alternative plan in case of inclement weather.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel due to heavy rain or high wind (25 mp) no penalty to you.
  3. If inclement weather during event, shut unit down and cover motor. After it passes wipe unit down.
  4. Customer must stay with equipment until time of pick up, or call if event ends early.
  5. Customer should make sure set up of site is ready
    1. Lawn mowed 2-3 days early.
    2. Remove all objects.
    3. Remove pets from party area prior to our arrival.
    4. Plan a flat area space for all units.
    5. Leave a space open for employees to drive in and to pick up.
  6. Slides: Must have hose ready. Must use clean water.
  7. Dunk Tank:
    1. Must be clean water.
    2. Must be on flat surface.
    3. Should know how to swim.
    4. We provide 3 balls for use DO NOT use hard balls as this could damage the target.
  8. Tents: Small tents should be taken down and put away before our arrival. It will take 2 people to setup and take down.
  9. Renter will forfeit your down payment if you cancel as no one else can take it.
    Please do not take units down unless inclement weather.
Thank you,

Tooney-Looney Rentals
10 Substation Road
Athens, ME 04912

(207) 399-8226

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